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Believe it or not Friday the 13th: the series

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The unluckiest day of the year? fear of Friday the 13th is deep-rooted in prehistoric, separate bad luck in relations with the digit 13.which superstition holds to be a day of good or bad luck. In the Gregorian calendar, this day occurs at least once, but at most three times a year. Like many human beliefs, the fear of Friday the 13th known as paraskevidekatriaphobia is not exactly grounded in scientific logic. But the really strange thing is that most of the people who believe the day is unlucky offer no explanation at all, logical. The superstition does have deep, compelling roots, however, and the origins help explain why the belief is so widespread today. Some theories believe it to be connected to certain superstitions that sitting 13 people at a table will result in the death of one member, or that it is in fact a combination of superstitions about the number 13 and Friday. For Christian perspective, Christians have traditionally been wary of Fridays because Jesus was crucified on a Friday. Additionally, some theologians hold that Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit on a Friday, and that the Great Flood began on a Friday. In the past, many Christians would never begin any new project or trip on a Friday, fearing they would be doomed from the start.
Friday the 13th the series, Originally titled The 13th Hour, but producer Frank Mancuso, Jr. thought this would turn away viewers and instead took the name Friday the 13th to deliberately draw in audiences. Despite this title, the series has no story connections to the film series of the same name, as Jason Voorhees does not make an appearance. The television series ran for three seasons, from September 1987 to May 1990. NBC Universal's horror themed cable channel Chiller, which launched on March 1, 2007, airs the series in sporadic weekday marathons. During a viewers' choice marathon on October 7, 2007, "Scarecrow" was voted most popular episode. The top five episodes were rebroadcast on Election Day, November 6, 2007. The show has also been among the many second-run programming aired on Sci-Fi. After a few years of absence, the channel began airing the series again starting October 10, 2008. The series was produced by Hometown Films Although it borrowed its name from the popular "Jason" horror movie series, it bore no resemblence to those movies. It chronicled the efforts of two cousins, Ryan Dallion and Micki Foster, to recover cursed antiques sold by their uncle, Lewis Vendredi, as part of a pact with the Devil. They had the assistance of Jack Marshak, an antiques procurer, hedge wizard, stage magician, and mystic who was an associate of Vendredi's and unaware of his partner's nefarious activities. In the third season, Ryan was written out and Johnny Ventura (who had made appearances in second season's Wedding Bell Blues and The Prisoner) took up the cursed antique-recovery business full-time. More often than not, each week told the tale of the trio's attempts to recover one of the many antiques that their uncle had sold. Each antique bore a unique curse and tended to fall in to the hands of those inclined towards evil. In the second and third seasons, the format expanded somewhat as the characters occasionally encountered other supernatural manifestations. They were also occasionally obliged to deal with their uncle's efforts to bring his spirit back to the world of the living.

Paramount released the first season on DVD on September 23, 2008. The second season was released on DVD on February 10, 2009. The final season will be released on DVD on September 2009.Like other sci-fi horror shows in syndication in the late 1980s such as War of the Worlds and Freddy's Nightmares, Friday the 13th The Series constantly pushed the acceptable content envelope, regularly featuring violence on par with that of the R-rated horror movies of the time.

Some things are true whether we believe in them or not however if this is your type of thing, go see it. No horror fan should miss this. So grab this amazing DVD collection!

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