Friday, October 30, 2009

Free Traveling Ideas

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Free traveling is not dream it is reality. Go through this guide to get some ideas for your next free travel.

Idea 1: Travel agencies are looking for travel coordinator.
What it requires is commitment of time & love to travel. You can not only travel free but this method also adds some money in your pocket. Lot of travel agencies are looking for travel coordinators , you can follow them to see if it fits in your schedule.

Idea 2: Use credit cards which offers air mile facility
Redeeming air miles (also known as frequent flier miles) for a free ticket brought satisfaction for the traveler and ensured brand loyalty for the airlines. In short, it is win-win situation. You can utilize credit card with air mile facility and get your airline tickets free of charge.

Idea 3: Become group travel organizer
Travel agencies have large range of domestic and international packages available. These tours typically last from ten to fourteen days, with groups of about ten to thirty people for each tour.You can locate travel agencies through internet or contacting them directly. Contact them to get them agree for free vacation for yourself if you organize group for them. For example, for a cruise, you will need at least 9 people to get your cruise trip free.

Idea 4: Register online for free travel deals
There are many travel focused websites which offers free airline,cruise tickets. These free offers requires only one thing from you i.e your time to fill it's promotional offers to qualify for the free travel offer.

Want to explore some free traveling deals. Visit free traveling deals for more details.

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Want to explore some free traveling deals. Visit free traveling deals for more details.

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